in remote Nepal,
some villages greet anyone who finds their way there
as family from many lifetimes
because their reunion in this lifetime
is so improbable, joyous, and auspicious

welcome to grace’s anatomy

a community to illuminate the body

as a field of consciousness

This website and its courses

are doorways to a community of consciousness.

We are honored and excited that

you have crossed the threshold of desire and found this door.

Please pause

and give yourself time

to abide here and experience refuge deeply within.

With a smiling embrace,

you are warmly welcomed into yourself

and this moment of seeking.

Gray’s Anatomy: textbook from 1858

Grey’s Anatomy: a tv show

Grace’s Anatomy: discovering cosmologies of the body
born from a field of consciousness

Grace’s Anatomy Online Course

Be accompanied on an 8 week anatomy odyssey
blending phone and video
regional anatomy of the chakras
embryology, bones, key muscles, nerves, glands…

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300-Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings

Therapeutic Yoga Intensive with Grace Jull and guest faculty

Modules in Bali, Indonesia

and New England, USA

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“grace’s course was one of the top trainings of my life“

Erich ~ former Burmese Monk