We don’t just study holy scripture…

we become it

 NOW is the time for your practice, teaching and leadership to go to a profound new level

through immersion in:

Anatomy                      the Chakras

Meditation                             Mantra

Assisting               Potent Language

Mudras                           Pranayama


to realize you and your community’s full potential

We hope to have the honor of YOU

joining us on the adventure and immersion of a lifetime

Therapeutic Yoga

for Men and Women

in New England
with Grace Jull and Guest Faculty

Attend partial or entire certification

Full certification requires completion of all modules within the year

Interested? Please provide us your contact information via this link.

Shakti Initiation
Women’s Yoga Leadership Training

in Bali, Indonesia

with Grace Jull and Jovinna Chan


 New England 300 Hour Modules


Heart & Chakra Studies

Mid July-Sept 2016
Distance Learning Book Study and Calls


The Secret Teachings of Plants by Stephen Bruehner
The Subtle Body by Cyndi Dale

weekly phone conference calls
Facebook classroom posts and final essay for ytt students

Choose which Book


Chakra IN-tensive

April 28- May 1
Atlanta, GA (ytt+ homework)

Sept 10-18, 2016
MA or RI (Residential)

Gather to deeply explore the evolution of our sacred circuits and how spirit and structure move through the changing experience of age, gender, seasons and ancestral impulses. We will use mudra, mantra, postures and profound presence to enrich our limitless potential.

Interested? We'll be in touch - please send us your contact information via this link


The Structure & Soul

of a Class, Series or Private

Sept 29- Oct 2 2016
Boston, MA

Be supported in generating your own eloquence
with limitless tools for creating classes and series.

Content includes:
sequencing solidly based on an understanding of the body’s facial chains
eloquent themes and language that can support depth and delight

Interested? We'll be in touch - please send us your contact information via this link


Noble Silence Meditation

Residential IN-tensive

& Bodies Cadaver Exhibit

Oct 6-10, 2016
Oct 13-17, 2016

Sumneytown, PA

4 day residential meditation, pranayama, mudra and noble silence retreat
at Muktidam where Swami Kripalu did intensive practice during his time in America.

Dates and Optional Ride


Oct 6 or 10, 2016
New York, NY

Bodies Exhibition Tour

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Deepening Assists

Nov 2016

Reviewing and applying more deeply our understanding of the Koshas, Vayus and Chakras as well as Thai massage and other touch inquiries, your confidence, instinct and sophistication in assisting will profoundly deepen.

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Class Celebrations

December 2016 or January 2017

Present the culmination of your teaching to others
Finalize your business plan
Cherish our sangha and good fortune

Yoga Alliance Certified Schools

Curriculum Elements:

The Heart of it All

Our exploration of Union begins with in-depth study of the heart as the orchestrating energy of ourselves and of the universe

Out of this awakening, our learning community explores interconnection and autonomy

As we savor each person’s autonomous, distinct and essential contribution to the whole and to society

Alignment reEvolution

FULL alignment emerges
as essential anatomical understanding

intersects with each moment’s psycho-spiritual essence.
We  view each yoga posture and potential assist
as an intersection of structure, psyche, identity and NOW

Each posture and practice
is a passage way for prana, presence
and full potential to flow

Time and Timelessness

Together, we learn to explore and Alter
our relationship to time,
and learn how it is formed through our memory, projections, gender, age, race, class, and ancestral echoes

By identifying old narratives that hold us,
we become capable of shape shifting ourselves,
and in that process,
we are more equipped to be a guide for others
ready for a comparably profound and potent journey

Mind, Matter and Magnets

As a spirit incarnate, how can we reach our full potential
and enjoy and optimize the form and field that we each inhabit?
Through intensive exploration of anatomy, asana and awareness,
we come to embody and orchestrate each Chakra,
thereby gaining more skill at sounding the truest symphony of our soul

Alchemical Tools

Maps of the Koshas, Chakras, and Vayus provide the scaffolding
to profoundly climb through consciousness and creation

And Yoga’s 8 Limbs of Conduct, Asana, Pranayama, a 3 day noble silence meditation retreat, Mantra, and Mudra are the sacred keys used to unlock the temple doorways of Body, Breath and Being

Polarities, Presence and Profound Transformation

Many of us have read books, had impactful talks etc.
but only when there is presence and contact
does transformation actually endure