Grace Jull M.A. LMT E-RYT

has generated transformational workshops since 1986
is described as “the Mary Oliver of the Yoga Mat”
is an avid student and teacher of…
osteopathic principles
biodynamic anatomy
Aquatic Bodywork ~ WATSU and massage
yoga, pranayama, and meditation

 adjunct professor:

Saybrook University’s Mind Body Medicine Phd Program ~ 2014
Leslie University and Kripalu Semester Intensive Program ~ 2006-2008

guest lecturer:

Georgetown University Optimal Health  Symposium ~ 2015

New England College of Osteopathy Integrative Medicine Symposium ~ 2012-2013

Harvard’s Rehabilitation Medicine Resident Lifestyle Curriculum ~ 2013
Kripalu Scholar in Residence ~ 2008
Kripalu Massage School Anatomy and Yoga Instructor ~ 2002-2014

the wellspring of graces’s anatomy
is the life work of grace jull,

from advanced breath retention practices starting at age 11,

to wilderness initiation throughout her childhood in the Canadian Rockies,

she blends humanity, humor, and a deep love for all of Life.